National 5 Applications of Mathematics


Paperback, A5, 647 pages

The course comprises six areas. The first area, numeracy skills, covers numerical notation, carrying out calculations, and using measurements. The second area, financial skills, covers converting between currencies, factors affecting income, interest rates and purchasing options, determining the best deal, and analysing a financial position. The third area, statistical skills, covers probability and frequency, and comparing data sets using statistics. The fourth area, measurement skills, covers calculating a quantity, constructing a scale drawing, planning a navigation course, carrying out efficient container packing, using precedence tables, solving time management problems, and considering the effects of tolerance. The fifth area, geometric skills, covers using Pythagoras’ theorem, using gradients, composite shapes, and volumes of solids. The sixth area, graphical data and probability skills, covers extracting and interpreting graphical data, justifying decisions using graphical data, and justifying decisions using probability.

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